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Club President

I have lived all my life on the NSW coast, between Ballina and Sydney. Passionate about horses from very early, but limited opportunity so contact was often ill advised or downright illegal, until I owned my first pony at fourteen. In my late 70s I am thrilled to have several horses at the back door. They are no longer invited in since children left home, but there have been exceptions during a family visit.

Desire to ride has outweighed career ambition; hence despite collecting qualifications I worked the last 28 years before retiring as a school cleaner, which gave me the middle of each day to ride, shovel or whatever. Even so I am not a competitive rider and now am happy to train at home and wallow in the unquestioning friendship of my horses, while happy to throw marks and encouragement at others as a mid-level judge. Dressage people are almost as nice as their horses and that is high praise.

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