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Thank You: Lisa Martin and Your Fabulous Team

Manning Valley Dressage and Hack Club would like to pass on a huge Thank you to Australian Dressage and Para Olympian Equestrian Representative Lisa Martin, who along with her Team, gave so much to assist those in need at Taree Showground after the recent bush fires. MVDHC would like to also thank Jane Davis for these photos and information.

Jane Davis asked Lisa these questions

1. Were you called into help? Lisa's response which touched Jane greatly. She copied and pasted Lisa's response, as she replied No just thought of this myself , have done it before when the fires were out near Merriwa.

2. Did you and your Team just get in and do it? My one concern was to get the public’s trust to actually donate and to trust us that the donations would go to the people who really needed the donations. One way was to use Social Media and TV NBN to get the word out fast but I had no idea how fast it was going to be !!. NBN contracted me and said we will be in your area today at 12:00 but they need to shoot footage of trucks being packed to head to Taree OMG , I had only started this two days before . I told NBN that I will have lots of trucks here and it will be fantastic 🤦‍♀️. I started phoning everyone I could think of , 40-50 phone calls a minute to get peoples donations and in return there company will have publicity and it worked it looked incredible. I had friends work extremely hard from all over the state and also Victoria driving to pick up donations all happening within 5 hours of my SOS going out , people are just incredible!!. My most crazy ideas come at night in bed lol for example a farmer who lost everything contacted me privately to offer his litter of valuable working pups to families who have lost there working dogs in the fire 💖 there were over 3000 shares once I posted this incredible FB post and people are still contacting me to offer there dogs to farmers . What motivates me is knowing I can help someone but to actually change things to make there life better because I believe it’s like a chain reaction in life , happy families make happy children etc !!.

MVDHC would like to thank all involved that made this happen.

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