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Luck of the Draw - a Note from Helen

What a stunning bunch of horses appeared at Taree Showground on Sunday June 17th. My respect for the strappers/riders who managed to present their animals in such smart order on nearly the shortest day of the year, cold at that. I do feel for those who had early rides, in some cases involving travel well before daylight. With so many entries it simply couldn’t be helped.

On the other hand, at 8AM the sun was out and the air was still. Several hours later, a wicked wind from the south suddenly blew through, shifting arenas and unsettling horses. A number of scratchings at this point and sub-par work in tests. Literally the luck of the draw.

Thanks and congratulations to all riders and huge thanks to those who contributed by pencilling, scoring, gear stewarding and collecting tests. Not all riders are able to help, hence the volunteer levy.

Sadly, half those who opted for the levy failed to include it in their entries. The club may shift to a system where all riders pay a levy on entry, redeeming it after helping. This seems a fair system but does require an extra office person to administrate. A non-horsey relative could take on this role. Any takers?

The club works hard to provide relatively affordable competition, catering both to elite riders and novice enthusiasts. The atmosphere between riders on Sunday was supportive, respectful and is to be applauded. Not all sports are so polite.

Enjoy your furry friends,

Helen President Manning Valley Dressage and Hacking Club

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