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Drenched Australia Day Competition results

Drenched Dressage – Australia Day weekend at Taree.

After all our concern about hot weather policy, Sunday produced showers, some heavy, which presented a different challenge. Young horses are not used to rain, as the mid north coast can dish it out. Congratulations to all the riders who persevered. I feel we need an article now on drying boots.

Entries were pleasing for this time of year. Two of the three arenas were rideable. The third barely scored a 5. Still safer than grass once the sky opened, although splashing through a pond is a bit much, unless training for eventing.

Thanks to all the helpers and to those who paid extra in lieu. An extra thank you to Penny Coleman who has been unable to ride for two years but came and scored accurately all day. Your blood’s worth bottling.

Next day will be March 4th, official including YH, and Closed Restricted and Unrestricted. Entries on Nominate. Instead of heat, it could be rain next time. Meanwhile, keep training and enjoy your horses, almost the most important part of your lives.

Cheers, Helen

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