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Hi All Club Members

With the AGM just a week away we have a number of positions on the committee where no expressions of interest have been forthcoming. If these positions are not filled then we will not have a committee and we will not be able to run the club.

Please, do not be shy. I hate suspense and I am not good at surprises on the day!

This is the list of positions and where we are at:

President - 1 nomination, Valerie Brodin

Vice President – no nominations

Secretary – no nominations

Treasurer – no nominations

Official Competition co-ordinator – 1 nomination, Valerie Brodin

Assistant Official Competition Co-ordinator - no nominations

Training Day Co-ordinator – 1 nomination, Toni Ellem

Assistant Training Day Co-ordinator - no nominations

Hacking Co-ordinator and Assistant – 2 nominations. Penny Coleman and Karen Wooding

Para Equestrian Liaison Officer – 1 nomination, Janett Watts

Website Co-ordinator – 1 nomination, Stefanie Winwood

Assistant Website Co-ordinator – 1 nomination, Toni Ellem

Social Media Co-ordinator – 1 nomination, Toni Ellem

Media Co-ordinator – no nominations

Sponsorship Co-ordinator – no nominations

BBQ Co-ordinator – no nominations

As you will be able to deduce from this, it is the same people putting up their hands. We really need to spread the work out amongst more than 6 people.

The jobs are not that hard and on the job training is provided. Anyone who has basic accounting skills or is good at writing letters and managing club membership lists and is computer literate can easily manage the secretary and treasurers jobs. Is there really no advertising or publicity guru out there?

So please, support us in being the best regional club outside of Sydney. We try our hardest to be a progressive and adaptive club and have recently gained a lot of favourable support from DNSW over our inclusion of para equestrian tests into our mainstream competitions, the building of a ramp for our para equestrian riders at our own expense and holding a para equestrian judges clinic. We have also featured in the local press a couple of times recently and really need someone to keep on their backs, promoting the club. I am sure that there is a lot more we can do with your ideas and support.


Valerie Brodin

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